We offer solutions and new ideas for recycling.

Scanding Oy is optimizing recycling solutions and processes for retail in Finland and Sweden. We take the responsibility of reverse vending machines and solutions which considers their maintenance and control. Our long-term experience and collaboration with retail guarantees skilled support to our customers. Our collaborative model has been developed for vendors request to facilitate in daily basis, as well as we diminish unnecessary environment load.

Partnership advantages.

Normally recycling in retail shops is maintained by various providers. It causes that all those providers will be visiting the place. These service visits will not only take the customers time but may even cause a safety risk. A comprehensive partnership with Scanding secures that only one supplier will upkeep the reverse vending machines, including their maintenance, installing, fixing, modifying and a yearly service. By operating this way, we can guarantee a recycling processes that are optimized, functional, safe and cost-effective to customers.

We study, measure and deliver.

Instead of traditional product selling, our aim is to offer a holistic service, which contains optimization for recycling and space solutions, as well as maintenance and financing. This way the customer will get a fluent service solution for bottle deposits based on monthly payment. With us the products are always well maintained and updated.

What comprehensive recycling solutions means? We measure material flow, plan and deliver technical solutions that are precisely dimensioned for the space and requirements, as well as we take the responsibility of functionality. We plan a qualitative and functional solution with help of our collaborative partners products.

Winspace — Our own technical solution for vending systems.

Scandings own bottle and can sorting system, called WinSpace, is located in reverse vending machines back space. It is always planned and dimensioned according to customers’ needs. An essential part of Scandings sorting solutions is a waste press that is based on company’s own innovation. Due to its press force, our system is the most effective in markets. WinSpace can be combined with the most recognized products.

Our cooperation partners are front line operators in Europe.

Over 20 years’ experience in recycling solutions for retail makes us a trustworthy partner that knows the challenging recycling environment from retailers viewpoint. During the years we have installed over 1000 products. In cooperation with German Diebold Nixdorf, beginning of 2011, we have grown and developed a holistic partnership model in Finnish and Swedish markets. We guarantee our long cooperation with high quality product suppliers and cost-effective solutions for various needs.

Diebold Nixdorf has automated and mechanized processes since 1950. Furthermore, their innovative thinking of product development is essential – all products are made for enhance the customers’ business and correspond the daily requests.

Diebold Nixdorf